Bee Healthy Stories


Unique, interactive workshops on the topics of 'Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Planet.'

Why not have us come to you? We visit schools, Early Learning Centres, libraries and community spaces to run a range of workshops that we can tailor to your needs.

A number of workshops are available including: recycling and sustainability, sugar, healthy eating, exercise, personal and social learning, making good choices and mindfulness. We can cover a number of concepts in a session. Please contact us to see how we can tailor workshops to support your topic or unit of inquiry.

All workshops are run by registered, experienced educators, Each workshop lasts approximately 1.5 hrs with a maximum of 30 students per group. Please contact regarding groups with special needs. Workshops need to be booked at least one week in advance. There is a cancellation fee for bookings cancelled with less than 3 days notice.

Sugar Detectives

Children become ‘Sneaky Sugar Detectives’ and have to use newly learnt skills to detect how much sugar is in the everyday foods we eat. This workshop utilises children’s maths and investigative skills whilst educating children about the effects of too much sugar in their diet. For the second part of the workshop children look at the importance of a balanced diet. They become superheroes and decide on new super powers their fruits and vegetables have given them.

8-12 years:
For the second half of the session, students look at how easy it is to hide sugar in foods and experiment how many teaspoons of sugar they can dissolve in a cup of water.

Bee a Super Eco Warrior - Plastic Pollution

3-8 years:

Children explore the many bins we can use to recycle the everyday items we no longer need and practice recycling through time trials!

They then discover the big problems our fish are facing in their habitats. Many soft toy fish need to rescued from being trapped in large fishing nets! Also many toy fish need their habitats to be cleaned from all the plastic waste floating around. We do not want them to mistake the plastic for food.

Can the children save the day and be true Super Eco Warriors!

Bee a Super Eco Warrior - Textile Waste

6-12 years:

In this session we will be reading two of our favourite stories, ‘Be a Super Eco Warrior’ and ‘Don’t Just Throw me Away’.
Children will learn about the lifespans of waste and all the fun ways we can recycle.
The theme of the workshop is textiles waste and by the end of the session kids will have practiced the art of up-cycling.

If you have old, unwanted t-shirt or socks, bring them along for some up-cycling fun!

Bee Active

3-8 years:

‘Bee Active’ is a super fun workshop based on our unique interactive story, ‘Let’s Go for a Run’. Children join the Bee Healthy kids and go on an exciting running adventure. Children explore different ways of moving, learn about the effects of exercise on the body and finish off with some mindfulness breathing exercises.

Bee Mindful

8-12 years:

During this workshop, children explore and develop positive habits of the mind. Based on our popular story, “My Mind is Like A Snow Globe” children practice the art of mindfulness and discover its power of helping us to reduce the snow blizzard in our minds, to help us see and think clearly again.


3 $255.00 $8.50
2 $265.00 $8.83
1 $300.00 $10.00

Oakleigh Grammar School

Sugar Detectives

“Fantastic workshop! Children were engaged throughout and a very relevant topic which is vital for children’s health.”

Haileybury Castlefield ELC

Bee Active

‘Would definitely recommend this workshop. Would be ideal in the morning before snack time.’

Bayside Libraries

Sugar Detectives

“Lovely educational programme, more to be arranged; great way to present the idea to children, wish I had access to this years ago.”