Bee Healthy Stories

A little more about us

Who are we?

Bee Healthy Stories is a teacher’s one stop resource for engaging and effective educational materials on the subjects of, ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds and a Healthy Planet.’

We are teachers with more than ten years experience working with children and created Bee Healthy so teachers like us could easily find high quality, well planned and engaging materials to use in the classroom.

Meet Adam

I have been teaching for over six years and was inspired to write children stories during the first year of my teaching career when I was teaching Foundation level. As well as exciting and entertaining, I found stories were a great way to help initiate meaningful conversations with my students. I discovered during a healthy schools week initiative there was a lack of fun, engaging literature to read to children about the importance of health and well-being. As a result, I wrote my first story, ‘Going For a Run’ a unique interactive story where the students physically participate.
My fortunate experience teaching various year levels from foundation to Grade 6 has shown how effective and enjoyable these stories are for children of different ages.

Combining my love for writing, teaching and educating health and well – being has become a huge passion of mine. It has been an incredible journey with Beehealthystories so far and I am excited for the future for health education.

Meet Jess

With over ten years experience as a primary teacher in Australia, Italy and England, I am a passionate educator who believes in the value of stories to begin meaningful conversations with students from an early age. Having worked in the health and fitness industries in my 20’s it feels great to combine my knowledge and passion to educate students about how to lead healthy, happier lives. In addition to the classroom, I am also a current yoga teacher, I love cultivating a mindful attitude in my students and have seen the positive effects on their learning. In an education system that is focused on the outcome of literacy and mathematics, we provide quality stories and resources that address key concepts of health of both mind and body as well as wider concepts, such as sustainability. It is key that health education is at the forefront and resources, like ours, take pressure off teachers.

Our materials

Our materials are focused on topics of healthy foods, healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy planet. You can be assured they are planned to connect with the learning objectives of Australian and English curriculums. All our stories and resources have been developed to educate students from Early Years to Primary.

We hope you will find our materials easy to use, fun and interactive for students and make a real difference in their learning to have healthy bodies and minds.

Our mission

Bee Healthy Stories mission is to promote healthy lifestyles in young children to ensure they grow up and carry on leading healthy lives. There is a close connection between developing a positive self-esteem and making good choices that also effect health and well-being.

Bee Healthy Stories identifies key concepts that underpin Health Education and help schools to fulfill their responsibility to support student’s development from a young age and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

We aim to reduce teacher workload by providing detailed planning and resources that are ready to use.

Research we believe

Bee Healthy Stories writes stories that deal with current global issues. Below are a list of topics that we feel strongly about. “

“ The World Health Organization (WHO) regards childhood obesity as one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century. explains how waste is a huge problem for us and for the environment. As we continue to waste more and more, we use more natural resources and increase pollution in our world.

“There is no health without mental health.” (WHO, 2016)
Children who are mentally healthy are better equipped to meet life’s challenges. They also learn better and get on better with others. Good mental health in childhood provides a foundation for positive mental health and wellbeing, now and into the future. (, 2016).

The physical activity levels of many people, both in Australia and around the world, are less than the optimal level recommended to gain a health benefit (WHO, 2016).

There has been huge research into the effects of too much sugar in our diet and the link it has to obesity and other metabolic diseases such as type two diabetes and heart disease. (Dr Robert Lustig, John Yudkin,That Sugar Film,

At Bee Healthy Stories we feel passionately about the above topics and issues. We are dedicated to educate young children to lead healthy lifestyles in a fun and engaging way from a very young age. The story books and resources provided are the foundation blocks for young children to begin to live fun, happy, healthy lives.“