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Thats Not Rubbish

Patrick found out the hard way; do not cross a worm and its rubbish. As many of us do, Patrick was just putting the rubbish out thoughtlessly when an angry worm demanded to see what was in his huge bin bag. The worm was shocked to find what may have seemed rubbish, was in fact wonderful recyclable materials and a delicious, nutritious meal.

A great book that helps children understand the importance of separating recyclable and composting materials from their rubbish and how this small action can make a huge impact to their world and the environment.

Theme: Recycling – Compost – Waste – Environment

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Lesson Plans :

Lesson 1 – What is waste and the problem with landfills

Lesson 2 – Composting

Lesson 3 – Worm Farms

Lesson 4 – The different kinds of waste