Bee Healthy Stories

Eat Like a Superhero

Like Nan said; Eat your greens! She was certainly onto something because in this fun, colourful rhyme we find out the secret powers contained in your everyday fruit and veg. The superheroes take some time out to pass on their secrets to being the best.

An exciting and inspiring book, encouraging kids to become healthy and unlock their personal superhero. So grab a cape (and a carrot) and get reading.

Theme: Food and energy – Healthy snacking – Fruit and vegetables – Sleep

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Lesson plan

<pstyle=”text-align: center;”>The purpose of these series of lessons is for children to understand that we require energy to grow and we get our energy from food. Fruits and vegetables are one of those great sources of food we can consume as they also provide us with other beneficial vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health. Children then learn where fruits and vegetables come from and the wonderful various fruits and vegetables that are available around the world. As a bonus lesson children also learn the power of sleep and how sleep help us to recharge our energy levels for the next day.

Lesson 1 – Food gives us energy to grow

Lesson 2 – The power of fruits and vegetables

Lesson 3 – Where are fruits and vegetables grown

Lesson 4 – The benefits of snack time

Lesson 5 – The power of sleeping